Essential Oils that Support the Hormonal System

Franchomme and Penoel, in their work titled L’Aromatherapie Exactement, write about how essential oil molecules have similarities in shape and action to the hormones our bodies create, even how oils can be used by the body as raw materials for building hormones. I have compiled a list of single essential oils that are supportive of … More Essential Oils that Support the Hormonal System

History of “drugs”

Wikipedia – origin of word “drug” From Middle English drogge (“medicine”), from Middle French drogue (“cure, pharmaceutical product”), from Old French drogue, drocque (“tincture, pharmaceutical product”), from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German droge, as in droge vate (“dry vats, dry barrels”), mistaking droge for the contents, which were wontedly dried herbs, plants or wares. … More History of “drugs”

My favorite essential oil resources

Best resource books with reliable information Get an EODR – essential oils desk reference. Yes, there’s one for animals too! You Tube videos Dr Lindsey Elmore Young Living Dr Jim Bob Haggerton Both have hundreds of videos on any topic you might desire. Facebook The EOC Essential Oils Club (Young Living) Envisage Aromatics … More My favorite essential oil resources