Enzymes Part 1: What does protease deficiency look like?

Do you need enzymes? Enzymes are involved in every bodily process. Without them, nothing works and you die. Period. If you are reading this, you have enzymes! But do you have enough? Only you can figure that out. Let’s look at what a deficiency of protease – one of the four main types of enzymesContinue reading “Enzymes Part 1: What does protease deficiency look like?”

Looking at “fragrance” in a different way

INGREDIENTS: Decreased ability to think, control emotions, manage your life; may also include memory and concentration problems, confusion, sleep disorders, muscle weakness, anxiety, lack of motivation, panic attacks and depression; inert ingredients include pain disorders, lower or upper respiratory problems and personality changes. No one would use a product with these ingredients! Wait a minute…Continue reading “Looking at “fragrance” in a different way”