The list of products is vast, because they can be customized for your needs.

Available now are soaps, magnesium body butter, massage oils, cleansers, respiratory salves, salt, sugar, or coffee scrubs, beauty serum.


Order now for the holidays or any day! All bars are $6, except pumpkin spice, $6.50. Price does not include taxes or shipping.
From top to bottom:
Pumpkin spice
Pure pumpkin – Unscented
Peppermint/tea tree
Light spice
Mocha mint – espresso/chocolate/peppermint

New: Turmeric ginger!

Coming soon: Activated charcoal facial soap

Examples of products

All products are essential oil infused.

Essential oil singles and blends

Essential oils are available to purchase through me or I can tell you about all the options that are available. There are great companies out there! Many people already have brands they love. I work with people who are new to essential oils or long-time users.

Let’s be healthy together.

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