Emotional Release

Emotional release is a method to release blocks, trauma, or other negative emotions from the cellular level. The emotions are holding you back from who you could be and not serving you in a positive way.

I use primarily three main books as resources in my coaching – Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol Truman, Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils, by Carolyn Mein, and Heal Your body, by Louise Hay.

The premise as to how Emotional Release works is that our emotions are not disconnected from our body or our mind, but rather so connected, that working on specific body dis-ease or dis-comfort can bring to light an emotion that is partially or mostly connected, like cause and effect. In fact the mind, soul, and body are so intimate that one can start with any of the three and discover the other. Candace Pert, a renowned psychoneuroimmunologist, calls this the “bodymind,” in her book, Molecules of Emotion. 

You can start with either a negative thought (mind), negative emotion (spirit/soul), physical dis-comfort (body), and work from there. It is fascinating to become free from the burden of the negative effects of harmful emotions, which have been stored at the cellular level.

A crucial part of this process is the use of essential oils. They can pass the blood-brain barrier and reach into the cell itself. Any cell. Cells communicate with each other, store information, and tell another cell what it needs to do through receptors on the cell membrane surface and ligands which are freely circulating. There are feedback loops, because the body is always trying to reach balance – adjusting here, adjusting there. Essential oils behave similarly to other ligands like hormones, neuropeptides, and peptides. Think of ligands as a key and receptors as lock. Undealtwith, disturbing memories are in those locks, literally causing a block and keeping you stuck.

The way oil molecules fit into a cell receptor is by vibrating at the same frequency as the receptor to make a perfect fit. How emotions are changed and the negative baggage of harmful memories is removed is still a mystery, but the experiences of thousands can’t be discounted.

There is a process that I as a coach guide you through, but you do the work. You create the conditions for healing in your body, mind, and spirit. As a Christian, I believe in healing brought on by the work of God’s Spirit with my own. As I speak His truth to myself, freedom comes. It can be yours too.

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