The ups and downs of preservative-free products

At Envisage Aromatics, every ingredient matters. To date, all products have been made without preservatives. There is an upside and a downside to this, however. The upside is that you are not getting the high amount of parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde that are in many products to keep them fresh. These are allergens to manyContinue reading “The ups and downs of preservative-free products”

Flash points and fires with essential oils

Fires rage across Australia as I write. Heartbreaking photos of animals trying to flee and towns decimated by the wildfires show the terrible devastation. Both loss of life and acts of great heroism are in the news. At least 10,000 square miles in New South Wales are burned to date. Eucalyptus forests are particularly vulnerableContinue reading “Flash points and fires with essential oils”

Detox and the skin

Everywhere we are bombarded with news of toxins and detox. We are told that toxins are in water, food, air, and in products that we use everyday, but what are these destructive things? Is there a method to identify them? How can I measure the effectiveness of a detox regimen? We are told that weContinue reading “Detox and the skin”

What is “galvanic skin response”?

Galvanic skin response (GSR) is the term I have found in the promotional material of some popular devices that are supposed to be able to scan your body and then with complex algorithms, determine which essential oils and/or supplements are best for you. GSR is an older term for what is today more commonly calledContinue reading “What is “galvanic skin response”?”