Pregnenolone, the key support for hormone production


I am astounded by the scope of influence of the steroid hormone precursor, pregnenolone. It is little talked about and little known, but it is now absorbing my interest because of its benefits.

We don’t miss something until it is gone. The body’s production of pregnenolone drops precipitously after age 40 in both males and females. I could tell at age 46 that something detrimental was happening to me. It was what I had dreaded – feeling tired, irritable, and believing that my best years were behind me. Research has taught me that this is the usual condition of aging people in the US, but it is not a sentence that I need accept. There are ways to support the endocrine system to maintain vitality. God has decreed that we humans have 120 years on this earth (Genesis 6:3). I intend to use all of them!

Where does pregnenolone come from?

It is made in various locations in the body, but primarily in the adrenal glands. It is produced in the brain (where it is a neurosteroid), skin, liver, as well as the retinas of the eyes. Babies are born with a huge amount, which immediately declines after 24 hours. Production gradually drops till mid-life, when it plummets like a rock. It is made from CHOLESTEROL. (Think twice before going on that low-fat diet!) Measure how much you have and it is like counting the rings on a tree – we can guess your age.

What does it do?

Almost too much to list. It is basically the mother of all hormones, steroids, and all things great.

In the brain – supports learning and memory, motivation, ability to acquire knowledge, feelings of well-being

Dr Ray Sahelian states, “When older individuals find they are experiencing declining mental abilities, and doctors prescribe pharmaceutical agents for them, usually antidepressants, they’re not addressing the primary problem. The primary problem is the deficiency of the neurosteroids. When the replacement of these neurosteroids is done appropriately, I think there can be amazing benefits.

In the body – supports lean muscle, strong bones, optimal body fat, energy

Research on pregnenolone ground to a halt in the 1950’s when cortisone was synthesized in the lab. It could be patented, unlike pregnenolone. Scientists stopped studies of pregnenolone on many fronts, including rheumatoid arthritis, and did not pursue promising studies on spinal cord injuries.

I have recently found a source of pregnenolone that I am loving. It is in Young Living’s Regenolone moisturizing cream. Natural remedies take time. I have 69 more years, so I have plenty of that!

Check out more about pregnenolone here.

Would you like a recipe to support nerves that uses Regenolone cream as a base? Contact me for a FREE email of my favorite essential oil recipe that supports nerves.


Published by Gwendolyn Christopher Rodriguez

I am a certified aromatherapist and PraiseMoves instructor.

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