The gift of symptoms

Your body speaks to you every day. In fact, Candace Pert, neuroscientist, says your body is your “subconscious mind.” What are your core beliefs? Your body may hold the answers.

Symptoms may be a physical manifestation of an emotional or spiritual issue. Let me define this a bit. Emotions are reinforced by reacting the same way over and over to something and become rooted. Spiritual issues are the beliefs about ourselves, other people, and God that are the reasoning behind the reactions.  So the emotional and spiritual are uniquely connected. In fact, discovering the root of these issues is the beginning of freedom in so many ways.

Even allopathic doctors will tell you that over 80% of their patients have a physical dis-ease that began as some variety of stress (fear). They don’t tell you to deal with the underlying emotion, but send you on your way with a prescription to treat the troublesome symptom. The root cause goes unchecked. It is going nowhere, so your body has to find a new and different way to let you know that you have things to deal with.

If I feel rejection, the opposite feeling that I would rather have is acceptance. The false spiritual root of rejection is not accepting myself fully. When I begin to accept all that I am, because I am accepted in Christ, the emotion of rejection has a chance of being healed. I am now speaking truth to myself. Identifying a root, finding its desirable opposite, and learning the “way out” or spiritual lesson is carefully explained in the book, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, by Carolyn Mein.

There are basically three levels of relationship that emotional and spiritual issues can manifest:

You and yourself.

You and others.

You and God.

Sometimes more than one are involved.

So, how do I find out the physical manifestation of rejection or other emotions/spiritual beliefs?Here you must do your research and be convinced yourself as to the merits of the claims and discover what is true for you. Not every dis-ease has an emotional or spiritual root. A very helpful book that elaborates on the spiritual is A More Excellent Way, by Henry Wright. He shows the connection between health and your spirit from his many years of Biblical study and working with people who have sought healing. Another fantastic resource is Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol Truman. It is available as an app as well.

Would you like a qualified coach as you make your own discoveries about your physical, emotional and spiritual health? That is how I can help you. Miracles can happen when you heal yourself and accept healing from above. Let your symptom be your gift to learn who you are and who you can be.

Contact me today and we can set up a session for you.mirror


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