My favorite essential oil resources

Best resource books with reliable information Get an EODR – essential oils desk reference. Yes, there’s one for animals too!

You Tube videos
Dr Lindsey Elmore Young Living
Dr Jim Bob Haggerton

Both have hundreds of videos on any topic you might desire.

The EOC Essential Oils Club (Young Living)
Envisage Aromatics (the sister page to this website!)
Many more options once you are a YL member with me. There are some great ones!

New York Institute of Aromatic Studies – This is where I got my aromatherapy certification. Leans toward the British School, but has a French Aromatherapy course that is fantastic. Has a great free blog. There is a free intro class, just understand it is coming from the British school of thought.
Young Living has a fantastic blog and great information about where oils come from. YL is known for its quality. It is the original that everyone wants to copy!

Pubmed at
See what research is being done. Put an oil in the search bar to see! You will see names of YL scientists in the accreditations section.

Oil Testimonials at – This is a gold mine! Just say that I, Gwendolyn Rodriguez, referred you and it is completely free to access the thousands of testimonies of real people and what worked for them.

These are my favorites. Enjoy!

Published by Gwendolyn Christopher Rodriguez

I am a certified aromatherapist and PraiseMoves instructor.

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