Do plants have emotions?

Do plants have emotions? Maybe in some way. I have been reading Dr. Stewart’s book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, and I found this utterly fascinating.

In plants, essential oils regulate and help with most plant processes and act as signaling molecules in communication with other plants. In the 1960’s, one of America’s foremost lie detector experts, Cleve Backster, tested more than 2,000 plants and fruits hundreds of times over several years by using the same technology that could detect minute physical changes in human beings which evidenced emotional reactions.

“Among his discoveries, he found that when he threatened the plant with something unpleasant, it would trace an excited message on the polygraph, a statement of fear. For example, if he poured hot coffee on one of the leaves or cut off a piece of a limb, the tree would express a dramatic tracing of excitement. More amazingly, Backster found that if he even thought of doing violence to the plant, it would respond to his mind before he carried out the actual act. When Backster would only pretend in his mind that he was going to harm the plant, it would not react as if it knew when he was serious and when he was only kidding. The plant could discriminate between real and pretended intent. Over a period of years, Backster tested more than 2,000 different varieties of plants and fruits. All of them tested as if they had consciousness in response to human actions, thoughts, and intentions (Stewart, 2010, p. 724).

Another amazing finding of Backster was that even when a leaf was cut from the living plant, it still manifested a conscious response to various forms of experimentation, just as if it were still attached to the living stem. Even when the leaf was shredded, it would emit the same appropriate responses. Thus, the consciousness of a plant seems to extend down to its very cells and molecules- including the compounds of its oil (Stewart, 2010, p. 725).”

So what do you think? If plants store their emotions, it would make sense that the way a plant grows and is harvested would make a difference in how it affects us when we consume it. Let’s look at  the process of producing an essential oil. I have been to one of the Young Living farms four times. There are more than 18 farms all over the world that are open to the public. Not a single toxic chemical ever touches the plants. They are harvested at the peak time and gently distilled, again without solvents. What you get are genuine, authentic, HAPPY oils.

As a certified aromatherapist, I only recommend the best. I would be honored to be your resource person as you make healthy decisions for your family. Get the world’s purest oils here.lie detector

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