Essential oils at the atomic level

The concept of essential oils having energy is just a part of God’s perfect design. Let’s take a look at chemistry made simple. I have to simplify things for myself and give myself visuals to really understand. This is worth it, believe me!

Back in Chemistry 101, we learn that all matter is composed of atoms that have a nucleus with various numbers of protons and neutrons. Until recently, drawings and models had been made, but it was all hypothesis. In a major advance in science, we can now see a hydrogen atom for the first time with a quantum microscope. Guess what? It looks like the models and drawings. Who knew?hydrogen atom

(Picture credit

Do you see the electron zooming around the nucleus? A hydrogen atom has one electron, one proton, and one or two neutrons. I see them!

That electron is making clockwise laps MILLIONS of times per second (measured in megahertz).

Most essential oils are made of combinations of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur, and Nitrogen. Carbon atoms like to form chains and rings, called benzene or aromatic rings, and they form bonds with other atoms to build the essential oil molecules we all love. There are trillions of possibilities!

Just like with the Hydrogen atom above, scientists have made drawings and models of what these molecules look like. For the first time, we now have a real life picture! (Same source as picture above.)bezene ring molecule-imaged-for-the-first-time-640x353

The hexagonal shapes are the benzene, or aromatic rings. Don’t they look like the drawings? Scientist have been drawing these for over a hundred years, not knowing if they were right or not. They were SPOT on. (Each angle represents a bond that a carbon atom has.)

Remember the electron zooming around the nucleus of the Hydrogen atom? Think of an aromatic ring as a neighborhood with kids (electrons) playing. They don’t just play at their house, but they visit every house all the time. Not only do they play “ring around the atoms,” but whenever there is a double or triple bond – do you see double or triple lines in the drawing? – you will find this amazing sharing of electrons, so it can happen outside of a ring too.

This is an inside look at what is going on in that little drop of essential oil. It is a powerhouse, pulsating with energy, more than just a collection of molecules. The good news is that God made essential oils to help support the functions of our body. The better news is: “For in him we live and move and have our being,” says Acts 17:28. What a great God we have who sustains this world and us in such a magnificent way!

Published by Gwendolyn Christopher Rodriguez

I am a certified aromatherapist and PraiseMoves instructor.

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