That drawer that is a mess, the pile of clothes you need to go through, the list of books you want to read – these undone things or things you hope to get to eventually are examples of “tolerations.”

Everyone has tolerations, but are they taking up too much real estate in your life? There is a law that “nature loves a vacuum.” What if you got rid of the undesirable things that are crowding out your life? I’ll tell you what would happen: The vacuum you create would be filled again. Yes, it could be filled with more tolerations, but what if you consciously filled it with good instead?

You can make changes in your life. Even little by little. You can begin by making a list of tolerations. List at least fifty. You may even keep going to 100! It is surprisingly easy to find them everywhere. Start tackling them and you will start to see movement into your life of new and better things, because NOW you have room for them!

books eli-francis-100644-unsplash

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