Emotional Freedom with AFT

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. ~ John 10:10

I have always considered myself an emotional person and able to empathize with others. For a long time, it was I who needed the support from others and I was very grateful when I found it. From a troubled childhood, I became an emotionally distant teen, and then suffered great losses as a young adult.  Medication was how I dealt with life and loss for over ten years.

The birth of my first child gave me hope and a fresh start at the age of 27. Around the same time, I became a Christian, but I remained on medication and became addicted to Xanax. At the age of 35, at the birth of my third child, I had a terrible physical injury and became very depressed again. I felt like life was a battle that I was losing.

My little one was attacked by a dog when he was 5. He did not recover emotionally and now I had to find help for him. That was when a friend introduced me to essential oils from Young Living, September, 2008. Oils supported him emotionally in a dramatic way and I saw a tool for me to heal myself as well.

In 2015, I went to CARE classes about Emotional Release. I read as many books as I could and also did a brain detox with Caroline Leaf in 2016. The person who told me about her also told me about an Aroma Freedom (AFT) class with Heather Harbough. After going through that class, I knew that AFT was for me!

Since learning AFT, I have lost the 12 pounds I have wanted to lose for 14 years, released a painful memory I had dealing with the loss of my brother, and was able to finally write a 13-page single spaced research paper for my French Aromatic Medicine certification. I had been stalled for a whole year on that!

During the practice sessions to become certified as an AFT specialist, I connected with a woman who is setting up a type of respite care for caregivers of disabled veterans. I did an AFT with her and she sees the value of it to help both caregivers and veterans. I did a session with an eight-year-old boy in foster care. That was fun and showed me how quickly a child can shed emotional baggage. Without fail, every session has been fruitful in some way for my clients. They have all seen the benefits and would recommend it to others. One client said that our session prepared him for events that happened shortly afterward. Another said it was truly life changing. I really like that I could see in their countenance and body language that real shifts in thinking had occurred. That was very rewarding.

I have been in emotional bondage for most of my life, but I am now experiencing freedom for the first time. Becoming strong emotionally has made all the difference. I want others to experience freedom. There are many kinds of bondage! AFT is a wonderful tool to be free. I am going to continue using it on myself and teaching others. I have already done some classes teaching about the brain and emotions with oils. It is an area I feel I need to concentrate on. I am grateful for this amazing technique!



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