Envisage Aromatics

Be Empowered and Inspired to Heal Yourself Naturally


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Hosea 4:6


Knowledge is power. Especially in today’s world.

How powerful do you feel?

Have you ever tried to diagnose yourself? Not really a good idea using Google! You may end up thinking you have some strange tropical disease with all the myriad of information out there. Who knows what is true or not? Who can you depend on?

Here you can rest assured that you will find accurate information. I am a coach. A teacher. I can give you tried and true information so you can heal yourself and rest in the healing that your Creator makes possible, for it is He who provides all our healing. He uses a variety of different means. One of the primary tools given to us back in Eden are the plants from which we get essential oils.

As a Christian Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, I teach you to take charge of your own health and wellness through the following modalities that I am certified in. Click on each topic for more information.

Aromatherapy – Essential Oils

Raindrop Technique


Aroma Freedom Technique

 Emotional Release 

To receive these modalities, you do not necessarily need to be with me in person, except for Raindrop or Vitaflex (although I can train and educate about these by video-conference or Zoom). I have worked with many people even in other countries! Technology makes many things possible.

It is my belief that miracles can happen when you learn to manage stress and pain by these techniques. I will demonstrate, educate, and coach you in the use of these techniques so you are empowered to make your own decisions about your own health and wellness and which technique(s) are best for you. I educate so you are empowered to make your own decisions about which approach(es) you want to try, if any.

Blessings on your health journey,

Gwendolyn Christopher Rodriguez, LSHC/CRTS/CAC

verb to imagine or expect something in the future, especially something good